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B Battery, 143 Field Artillery, 40th Inf. Div., Camp Cooke 1950

Listed by last name and home state. Ca are mostly NG and most of the others are RA and US. My Dad was RA.

Top row L to R
McElroy Ca
Thiel Ca
Blake AWOL
Rosas Ca
Heberling Mi
Freeman Ca
Halverson SD
Girrard Ca
Patrinas Ca
McCafferty Ca
Lawson NC
Wienrowski NY
Naverson Wi
Serling NY
DeCarlo Wi
Haen Wi
Berringer Wi
Bohanan Tx
Lueth In
Goetze Ca
Kinsey Az
Thiel Ca
Marquart Ca
Foster Ca
Carlson In
Rabinovitz Ca
4th row
Smith Ca
Craft Il
Lafevers ?
Theros Mi
Day Ca
Wagner Wi
Knight Mi
Baker Tx
Constanso Ca
Farrel Ca
Fyfe Mi
McCormick Ma
Alspaugh Ca
Silverstien Il
Newhart Ca
Ward Ca
Heimer Wi
Durand Ca
Petersen SD
Maxwell Ca
Sands Ca
Berman Ca
Wood Ca
Longhelt Il
Daniels Ca
3rd row
Oliveros ?
Miller Ca
Curran NY
Smith Az
Roerhman Ca
Lentz Mi
Mansker Ca
Roerhman Ca
King Co
Deruiter Ca
Hubert Il
Morovits Wi
Marmon ND
Wollard Or
Johnson Il
Palmasano Ca
Morman Ca
Osantowski Mi
Widemeyer In
Shuster Ca
Neis Wi
Goheen Mi
Rivera NY
Tabacci Wi
Thurman In
Kelly Wi
2nd row
Slama Wi
Kahnke Wi
Black In
Dufrense Ma
Wiseman Ca
Bush Ca
Barstow Ca
Videtich Co
Foy Ca
Duarte Ca
McCaneles Ca
Billings Ca
Alexopoulos Ma
Cook NY
Wong Ca
Hewit Mi
Ochoa Ca
Rodriguez Ca
1st row
Garnhart Ca
Mulac Ca
Olson Ca
Stubchaer Ca
Pollak Ca
Ducat Ca
Adams Ca
Tobin Ca
Pacifico Ca
Plummer Ca
Bushnell Ca
Cannon Ca
Miller Ca
Haley Ca
Ward Ca
Davis Ca
Jarvey Ca
Lacey Ca