Korean Pres. Unit Citation
  40th Infantry Division 

Korean Presidential Unit Citation



27 July 1953


The President of the Republic of Korea takes profound pleasure in citing


for exceptionally meritorious service to the Republic of Korea during the period 30 June 1952 to 27 July 1953

The 40th United States Infantry Division arrived in Korea in January 1952 and assumed control of the Kumwha sector of the central front. Consolidating their positions along the entire line assigned to them, the troops of this Division maintained the security of a broad segment of the battle area and successfully contained the enemy. On 30 June 1952, the Division was relieved on position by the 2d Republic of Korea Army Division with artillery elements of the Division remaining on position to support the Korean troops. Intermittently assigned to reserve and to front line positions, the Division continually rendered active support to various Republic of Korea units and made evident its superior combat and training proficiency. On 27 April 1953, the Division received responsibility for defending part of the main line of resistance along the northern rim of the Punch Bowl and was later assigned to protect the Heartbreak Ridge sector. Division units such as the 143d and 951st Field Artillery Battalions, and many others continued with their mission of supporting the 12th Republic of Korea Army Division. During the entire campaign, the Division displayed superb solidarity and combat effectiveness in performing the many vital duties assigned to it and exhibited outstanding resoluteness in its training and supporting of Republic of Korea forces. The individual concern of all members of the Division in aiding their Korean comrades-in-arms and the consistent efficiency prominent throughout the Division's service in Korea reflect great credit upon the Division, the United States Army, and the entire United Nations Forces.

By this citation each member of the 40th United States Infantry Division who served in Korea during the period 30 June 1952 to 27 July 1953 is entitled to wear the Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon.

Syngman Rhee

"Gremlin" and "Golden" will long be remembered by the Republic of Korea. President Syngman Rhee, in his Citation to the Division, saw fit to mention the 143rd Field Artillery Battalion. In speaking to his troops after the battle for Hill 854 ("Gremlin Hill") said, "I observed you men in last nights action, "No commander could ask for or receive more from his unit. Each man performed his job in an exemplary manner." The "Gremlins" have a saying for it, "No Sweat."