Never forgotten
The following list contains the names of 143rd Korean War vets who have passed on. Please e-mail me any names that should be 
on this list. We do not want to forget anyone.

Arnold, William, Wisconsin
Barber, James A. Lt R&S O FO Air Observer WIA New York
Beaudry, Richard, C. Capt.
Clark, John, Capt. S-3
Curran, Cornelius, New York 2002
Frazier, Robert, WO
Goetze, Fred, California
Harris, Richard, Capt S-2
Kalkowicz, Alfred WO
Kholos, Norman G. PFC HQ & C Battery
Kraklau, Donald
Laub, Wesley, 1st Lt Btry CO
Leff, Joseph Capt. Btry CO
Lilley, Robert, Maj. S-3
Longfellow, Robert, 1st Lt
Masterton, Len, Capt.
Morovits, Wisconsin
Murray, John H. Lt Comm O
Nieman, Mark W. Maj Bn XO CO
Nixon, Nick, Capt Btry CO
Pittman, Dalton Lt.
Porter, Charles, CWO
Randall, Ted, CWO
Shelanskey, Richard W. 1st Lt FO
Silverstein, Ervin
West, John, Lt Col S-3
Wiencek, Vincent WOJG Unit Admin