Thank you's
Ron: I have just spent the last couple of hours touring your site for the California Military Museum, I extracted much useful data that I will file for the museum and e-mailed your e-mail to our webmaster, CSM Dan Sebby, the author of your division history. If he does not already have a connection, I recommended he establish one from our site to yours. I complemented your site in the guest book. It truly is a remarkable accomplishment, congratulations!!!
Dear Ron
Thank you for your outstanding tribute to the 143d FA Battalion. We have added you site not only to our California and the Korean War page, but also our unit histories page.
Keep up the good work!
Daniel M. Sebby
Command Sergeant Major
California State Military Department
California Center for Military History

I was able to find the really cool part of your site after I sent the first e-mail. I gotta tell ya, it's a gold mine. I'm the relatively new commander of B/143 FA. One of the things I am trying to do as a commander is instill a sense of pride in the unit through the history of the unit. Our young soldiers need to learn about men like your father and what they did. You have some great pictures. Is it possible to get some reproductions that I could display in my armory?
I am a former Navy Seabee, and like the Marines they have a great sense of identity. I believe it is because traditions and unit histories are passed along to young troops. I would like to do the same in my unit. I believe that by surrounding my soldiers with the history and traditions of the unit I will be able to accomplish this. To that end, I would be greatly appreciative of any material/information that you can provide.
Thank you,
CPT John Preston

Dear Ron,
You are too modest. I had a deuce of a time finding your name in the wonderful 143rd web site you have created. I was a member of the 143rd from March 1948 until Sep 1955. Started out as SSgt Fire Direction Chief in Hq Btry -- Commissioned 2 Lt Aug 1948 -- Entered active duty Aug 1950 (Adv Party to Camp Cooke) -- 1 Lt C-Btry Exec O Feb 1952 -- Capt Bn Ass't S-3 June 1952 - Returned to Cal NG/143rd 1953 -- Resigned from Cal NG Oct 1952/Bn Exec O.
There are plenty of names missing from your list, but even at my advanced age, I can still remember many who are not already on your list. I will list them for you with their 143rd assignments and with rank at time I last knew them, which is, in several cases, after their time in the 143rd FA Bn. I have listed bold type for those who served in both WW II and Korea.
Ron, Sorry I never met your Dad. I have just had a great time doing this list. I will send copies to Dave Pierson and Jim Abts. They may send more names and even correct some on my list.
You are to be highly commended for having done such a marvelous job on this!
God Bless,
Bob Reiland

Hello Ron,
You are a very dedicated person, loyal to this magnificent country, respectful of those who serve and have served. Like many Marines, you are someone who has heroically defended this country in support of freedom and worldwide causes. I think it is very commendable that you have dedicated a site based on "143rd in Korea" in behalf of your father. I appreciate the existence of your site and shall post a banner link to it from my web sites. I refer you to James Morrison, Tampa Bay, Fl. Jim served as a Sgt in Hq&Hq 143rd during the war and it is more knowledgeable about names of people and events. I am enclosing a list of names that I have compiled from memory. I remember a lot of faces and places just like it was yesterday. Sometimes, a name will come to a face, when I hear a name of someone else. I was assigned to the 143rd in Kumwha just as the Korean action ended then we moved to Chorwon and remained there until the 40th returned to the states. I have served as an "intelligence & operations" specialist in various capacities in the 40th, 3rd, 6th, and 2nd Divisions in Korea and the "states". I have also served in USNR. My work, after graduation from Univ. of Southern California has been as a Scientist/Engineer/Project Management in Flight Test for Polaris Missile, F-89, T-38, F-5, F-18, F-20, B-2, Cruise Missile, Advanced Weapons Delivery applications and mystery craft.
Your web sites are very well done professionally and certainly very patriotic. This country needs more patriotism and less politics.
I am forwarding a copy of this e-mail to Jim Morrison. Jim, I believe, is also a former Marine.
Keep up your good work! Semper Fidelis!
Frank Jacobs

Hi -
I like your site. Please add Capt John Clark, Bn S3 to your list of those former 143rd FA vets who have passed on. He was a former neighbor of mine, and a real nice man. How kind of your to remember them.
FYI - those are my patches on the div web site.
Dave K